Internal ramp in Cattle Cruiser incl powerunit

“Back 3,1 / 4,6 m of the intermediate floor is an internal ramp, equipped with 30 cm edges and profiles laid across. For this ramp we built in a lifting cylinder with steel ropes. Ramp is manually locked. Slope of internal and external ramp max 15°/20°. On the sidewall we mount manure sheets that go over the edges of the ramp. At the end of the ramp an upright standing hinging extra ramp of 160 cm. This ramp can hinge 180°, so top floor can be reached with a forklift. Both ramps are lifted together. Wires are connected to the ramp at a quarter of the height, so it lifts with great speed. Ramp equipped with polyester layer and climbing laths. Further at the back a 20 cm threshold to take out.

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