1. A durable and robust body is something you may always expect. That the body is also ergonomic fully equipped is an unique feature of all our bodies.
  2. To build a body takes time. Yet we are capable to deliver quick. We always keep our word and do what we agree upon.
  3. We give insight in the building process. Customers get to see the design before it is built. We will not start building a body before the design is exactly as it has to be.

Work with Cuppers?
At Cuppers we combine technic. We do not ask everything of our staff, but they have to have technic genes. Do you have a good dose of labour vitamins and are you that competent technician? Come join our team! We will learn you the tricks of the trade and give you opportunity for growth. Do you like this? Please contact us without obligation. Perhaps we have room for you.